The theatre and The Roxy, to start the season with, ‘S Holland’

bed4d2a22c63610d383d453bd1f68fb2 - The theatre and The Roxy, to start the season with, 'S Holland'

After a long, hot summer, the coming months will be found in the intimate Theater, The Roxy, Saint-Truiden, belgium for some fine comedy. The first is Mine, son-in-law is nen Hollander’ in the act. A real highlight of the Flemish comedyschrijver Ruud De Ridder. For the occasion, edited by Yves Caspar, the script, and he poured there’s a refreshing ‘look and feel’ about it. The actors are all real People : He himself plays “the Dutchman”, Mish Jacobs, we will see if “Jo-Ann” in the role of her life, Romain Bamps to play with the big, slow next-door neighbor, Georges’, Elien Raskin was the stunning daughter Nathalie, Maggy Masset holds the reins tightly in your hands as a cleaning ‘Scribe’, and De Mignolet, and indeed he is the father of our country voetbaltrots Simon) turns in a great role as keukengoeroe ‘Bernard Verbinnen’. The control is in the hands of the Truienaar Gunter Reniers, that there was a lady the whole of it. Be the first to 2260, the tickets were flying, literally, out the door. But don’t worry, you may still have to be there ! Surf fast or call us at 0479/027052 during normal business hours and spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening with this world-class team!