Jens Dendoncker make jurydebuut in Belgium’s Got Talent

4b96385924ebe3e1de45a03c8a670de7 - Jens Dendoncker make jurydebuut in Belgium's Got Talent

In the sixth season of Belgium’s Got Talent on Friday the 13th of september, from the start, not only for the four-strong jury, over the fate of the candidates. For the first time ever, to get the viewers to participate in during the audition. With a total of seven Golden Buzzers, one for each auditieaflevering they can from their living room to their favourite acts, directly to the studioshows just might. The Golden Buzzers they hand out by the “The viewer has a lot more to say than ever before, even more than us,” says Koen Wauters. Of the four judges and the presenters, Carl and Laura, are just like last season, each of which has one of the Golden Buzzer, which they are disposable and can be used during the audition.

In addition, a new Golden Buzzer is a new member of the jury makes its debut in the sixth season of Belgium’s Got Talent. Comic Jens Dendoncker serves, temporarily, as a substitute for the Player Destadsbader behind-the-jurydesk in addition to the fixed values, Dan Karaty, An Lemmens, and Stan Van Samang. Together with them, he, the wheat from the chaff during the audition.

Jens Dendoncker: “I don’t know if you have a big responsibility in that chair. I have zero experience with. But, as a member of the jury, you have mostly gut instinct is needed, and in the belly, that’s what I’m sure of that. So, that is a good thing. If the Golden Buzzer that will get it? If I were the Player, his example should be followed, then it will have scantily-clad women”.

The first is the talent that is on Friday the main stage of the Theatre, as one enters, is the Uruz (Orphanage), and the artist’s name, the 33-year-old Wouter’s. He makes music using only one instrument: his voice. He and his beatboxtalent of the members of the jury omverblazen? For one thing, it is in Proportion and is already convinced of: “If you can do it with your mouth, then you have an incredibly happy, love it”. Nicole mailing list is 84 years old, Wervik), one of the oldest solokandidate of the season, which makes for a musical interlude. She has been playing since she was 6 years old piano, but she’s never been in front of an audience. So she’s in a crowded Theatre to change into a swinging version of Eviva España”.