At home, it is the marriage of Bob and Christine’s past?

dd2badac1599abe5f5eed7ec8403f50c - At home, it is the marriage of Bob and Christine's past?

The viewers ‘at Home’ given Thursday evening for a delivery, to see that a warm welcome was given. Many fans loved the episode, especially because of the “fake” Christine is up to. After that, Bob and Christine this past Tuesday, however, got married, got the Bob in on Wednesday strongly suspects that Christine is not really pregnant. Well, what a pregnant woman is drinking, there is now lively debate. Christine’s words. Bob shared his concerns with Lowie and booked an appointment with the doctor, Judith to Christine, “in order to make sure that everything is all right with the baby”.
On that day, Bob and Christine, went on a visit to the doctor’s office. Christine did all of the trouble in the world to visit and or to manipulate, but Bob would not give in. The results of the blood test showed there to be no doubt that Christine is not pregnant and never being pregnant have been.
When Bob, Christine, this is confronting, try them with an excuse not to touch it. But, he is relentless: “I don’t see it anymore. Not any more. It’s over, Christine.” And this is after only two days, at the end of the marriage of Christine and Bob. Or don’t you? Maybe that’s why everything is still as it should?
It was a very emotional moment for the viewers, ‘Home’: Thursday night was the light in his FRENS for the last time.

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