Annie Geeraerts not allowed to go to George’s Late Night

aa1364d8e0374fcf9193f24d71275b28 - Annie Geeraerts not allowed to go to George's Late Night

The papers from the “media house” deal on Thursday with the news that the grandma of the Family next week and not in the Girl’s Late-Night show will be like. However, it has announced FOUR a few weeks ago, is proud to announce that Annie Geeraerts on the week of the 16th of september to the Evanna was to come. Right away, would She be the oldest weekgast ever will be. But the party doesn’t last. The reason for this? The VTM has, She is forbidden to go to George’s Late Night deal. The weekgasten of a Girl, Late-Night and rarely have to do something with the VTM to make it, and if you already are, if that is not enough to advance to toestemmin to be asked. That is, it would be in the case of Annie Geeraerts has not been done before. In the case of FOUR of them are, of course, are disappointed in the decision, which is the VTM system. “We can only regret that the actors, who are not even exclusive to one station connected to it, more and harder the pressure of being a successful talk show, to co-operate.”
As adults, this event is, to talk to, and the events of the future, to improve, takes hold of the VTM. “FOUR of us this time around, no question. That’s not the way we do business. We learned about it later on, and the brake stand. This deal is not only for those who are exclusive, but, for all of the zenderbepalende schermgezichten”, you hear the sound of the VTM.
And, thus, should they be allowed in the case of FOUR looking for a weekgast for the next week. One thing is for sure: there will be no VTM-face.