Suddenly, the 15,000 visitors to The Patrick

caf4f374d555660a2663961d182abe18 - Suddenly, the 15,000 visitors to The Patrick

After a couple of weeks and there are already over 15,000 people to go to The Toilet, and the debut of Tim, Mielants, o.a. Kevin Smith in a starring role. The film was released on the 28th of August, at the cinema. After a slow start, the film at the weekend and the damage caught up with it and there was an increase of 31% over the figures. This is quite unique for a belgian film. Usually, after the first week, the first drop after the start of the school year, and it’s better to read something a little less hot – cinemaweer was really the right way to the public, thanks to good word-of-mouth advertising.

Patrick is on Tuesday, at no. 6 in the top 10, and it is the only film in the top 20, which is a 31% (!) has increased, both in the commercial as well as of the art conference rooms; all of the other videos have fallen.

Bart Van Langendonck, producer, Savage Film : “Patrick is not a 100-meter run, is a marathon of 42 kilometers, so you are going to a fine start… “

The film will be in all of the 34 cinemas in the extended and even extensive, you hear it in the Paradiso, Film.