Sam Gooris pull basketbottinekes for the Wieze Oktoberfest

ad21fb600f4f5847272120f2d09731e0 - Sam Gooris pull basketbottinekes for the Wieze Oktoberfest

It says it on the 18th of October for a very special opening night of the Wieze Oktoberfest 2019 at the latest-to-be. In addition to o for a while.a. Yves Segers, Those Verdammte Spielerei, the from aalst, Gilles, Eveline Cannoot, AlpenFever, and the brand-new ambianceduo Johan Veugelers, and Jean-Marie Pfaff, is that for the first time, to live out their ‘Rucki Zucki’ to the general public will be let go, brings the ambassador, Jean-Marie, his son-in-law, and a renowned party animal, Sam Gooris at the Oktoberhallen in a fire. On the 18th of October, they are allowed in and around get there, so feel free to have the grass grow on their basketsloefkes or better bergbottinekes to attract, and all’s to take it to the Oktoberhallen!

Sam, if you already intend to to perform in in the Home of his father-in-law, and the first hand experience of the unique atmosphere of one of the local Oktoberfest you to explore.