Run for the comedy, Gert Verhulst

5a8725edbd5f8a6ab29fe92b21b0bc3e - Run for the comedy, Gert Verhulst

In the Girl’s Late-Night, it was Monday night that the James Cooke, Gert Verhulst and Karen Being at the beginning of next year on the stage. Together-launch of the comic play of the Chateau De new-written by Jones himself.

One day after the announcement, there are 5000 tickets were sold for the play.

“That one day, all 3 shows would have to be opened, we would have never expected it.” said a surprised Girl. James fills excited: “It provides us with only more desire to be there to begin with, and in Flanders, this is a great time to give!”. “A month is a long time with these two on stage? There, I say, still a resounding yes. The more shows, the better !” says Karen.