Phil, Kevin may be 50 years out

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First of all, we want to be up with Phil and Kevin a happy 50th birthday wish!

On Sunday, the 22nd of september, this special day is celebrated in the auditorium of The Bammerd, Salvialaan s/n to the Command. 14 hours to catch the show. During this unique afternoon for the first time in the duets of the album, and Phil & Elisa as Kevin suggested. The friendliness of the singer let us know that the album is a new version of it’s highly praised lp, “I’m your victim”. According to Phil, the door opens and the singing qualities of his wife Elisha, there is still much to be improved.

Phil and Kevin in the shownamiddag as a solo act. In addition to the new album, the audience will also have the opportunity to enjoy the brand new duo show with Phil & Elisa to be a stripper.

A VIP ticket costs $ 20 and includes admission, a reserved seat and a glass of Cava and a slice of the cake ‘to Phil and Kevin for 50 years.
A regular entrance fee is € 15.

The room was filled to the brim, but you can still order tickets through the 0476/07.47.07, or on the

(Nico Vanaken)