Pavlava for some, the Bake-Off

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Taartweek in the Bake-Off. Of the nine remaining bakers are put to the test with a different cake-medovik. This is a Russian, with attention, that the Moscow does fall.

“I’m Scottish! Not the Russian (sic),” calls upon the Scottish executive is Peter’s Slight, when he intentionally clipped the recipe reads. Not only have panic, with Sarah, for the sake of it is a difficult recipe, but it’s also because she was in her fingers and cuts. The blood gushes out, and in a panic, it turns itself off on its own. “I have a phobia for blood,” begins when the FIRST her to cut deals with them.

In the third assignment of the week is an amazing station. A nice fluffy pile of zachtgebakken meringue.
Peter does a tribute to his late father, and, therefore, has a very special bottle of vodka brought to them. One bottle of drank two years ago, and their last glass together. “All that I am and what I am doing, is because of my dad. That is the smell of the whiskey was very emotional for me,” said he, with a faltering voice.