Paralysis after a stroke, keep Trying, not against it

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The second season of Winners, and took the previous week off to a flying start. To the letter. More than a half-million viewers in live +5 and saw Peter, along with his wheelchair in the air to go in. In episode 2, Koen meet with victor, She is off Centre. It was three years ago, at age 24, was hit by a stroke that made her entire right side paralyzed. In her dream, and kayak among whales in Canada, it was locked. To the present day.

Carl is surprised they are Trying it during a visit to her brother Tom, and sister, Kelly, for her great help and support. They will tell you about how their sister all over again, had to start from scratch. “They have a very high degree, and he received his doctorate in English. Suddenly, she was rekensommetjes from the 1st year of not shooting, you hear the sound of it. But She has fought through rehabilitation to be a way back. Kayaking had always been known for her great passion in life, but it’s a dream to even be in Canada, between the whales, go kayaking, she had to put it away. This is, however, Koen Wauters and be counted.