John Smith is 11 pounds

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John Smith is in the last few months and is 11 pounds. The lead singer from Volendam is a lot of fun on the scale. A while ago there was Jan, already had a compliment on Twitter, when he was only 8 pounds to lose. “In the meantime, there are 11 to has become, a great achievement. I am a long time ago to start training,” said Jan in an interview with the Showbiz Website. “I saw myself on the tv with a plofkop, and realized that it was time to lose weight. I go regularly with my family and do a lot of kilometres”, he laughs, a happy one, john Smith. Wednesday night, see you in Jan in the Girl’s Late Night, where he and Christoff will be surprised that, within two weeks, to Jan self-weekgast in the Girl’s Late-Night. “George and James, had been in insisting to come and stay, but that didn’t work out with my busy schedule. Now it’s going to be able to make it, and I’ll be on Monday morning, the 23rd of september, with my suitcase, and my bike is down.”