Jens Dendoncker break the world record for Red Nose Day

4f9cbe01d64a715bfb8738a09a7d1726 - Jens Dendoncker break the world record for Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is set this year to include all young people in Flanders, mentally, physically, and socially able to do. The goeddoelactie of the VTM, Qmusic, APPROVE, and Work, organizes now be on Monday 16 september 2019, and a great “kick-off”. Red Nose Day ambassador, Jens Dendoncker put his hand around it for a publicity stunt, more or less, it will come as no surprise. But for now, he’s going to be a real world record for a kick-off event on the 16th of september, that was the longest applause from the audience. At this point, the record is 2 hours and 32 seconds.

Red Nose Day ambassador, Jens Dendoncker: “I’ve got this record will not be selected randomly, of course. Young people deserve a round of applause and a cheer. We have ‘hits’ Red Nose Day, and I am growing so it is a more appropriate body, with all the hits and thanks for the great job! A fantastic win-win situation, I think. I’m just wondering how this is practical at a hongerke or dorstje if my nose itches, or worse still, what if I have to go to the toilet?!”

Jens started his record attempt on Monday at around 8u20 in-STK (St. Theresa of austria Kollege in Kapelle-op-den-Bos, under loud encouragement of the students and the teachers. Qmusic forward to this record attempt, live on the radio. The Ochtendshow with Sam De Bruyn This is The Vogelare en Wim Oosterlinck, it will be on Monday, september 16, for three hours, a longer walk, from 6 am to 12 pm. The whole of Flanders may be the largest Proportion all the time and live in a picture on Facebook of a Red, Nose, Day, and Qmusic,