Wednesday – (h)ALLOOMEDIA

5826dc1e0de5b24c0065fb12f94a4262 - Wednesday - (h)ALLOOMEDIA

It is just too hard and too intense, to the political arena is done, says Luk Alloo. With a message that reaches the N-VA president Bart De Wever, from a meeting held in Antwerp, belgium. Luke has a surprise for you: a cohort of Roman soldiers to bring The Truth back to his favorite era, to propel the Roman empire. Surrounded by the soldiers to walk away Now, and The Truth, through the center of the city. They have a history, mock hollywood films, and Elio Di Rupo. Which Roman emperor is the Elio has to be compared to?

Further, in (h)ALLOOMEDIA:
* * * When it wins, Remco Evenepoel to his first Tour de France? Now looking for the wielerwonder, and looks like a real Madame Soleil shows in his crystal ball.

*Loïc van Impe, the new VTM-head are playing too loud and the guitar. Manage to arrange a concert for Loïc to the Food Fighters.

*Jan Mulder, keuvelt by Now the hectic pace of daily life, of existence, such as just Jan Mulder, you can chat.