Tuesday night, in Today’s

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The guests Today, Tuesday, september 10:

Parents need to 182.000 euro to pay for the immunotherapy of their son
Four months after the birth, Cars are heavily fell ill. The diagnosis of a rare cancer. The doctor suggested that he have immunotherapy which treatment is incredibly expensive. For this moment, they have not yet been repaid by the government. Sitting at a table in Annick Williams, the mother of Cars, and Ignaas Devisch, professor in medical philosophy and ethics. They are going to be looking for answers to questions such as: Why is this drug so expensive, they really are not cheap, and why is drag and drop the refund due to you as a long time?

107 days later…
May 26, 2019. We are now 107 days from the time of the elections. As of yesterday, there is on the French-speaking side of the government. So, back to the PS, MR and Ecolo in the next few years to control it. The question remains: When do we get to a Flemish or federal government? What are the steps that are needed? It’s time for a clear stand on issues. That will Danira of the Day Deborsu, a political journalist at RTL, and Ivan De Vadder, a political journalist for VRT’s OFFICIAL.