Telefacts explains the fraud with the fake CELEBRITY-ads are exposed

16ef7623b385b0bf68bdc4008b158038 - Telefacts explains the fraud with the fake CELEBRITY-ads are exposed

After a search of months to submit Telefacts system, and the network will expose the behind-BY-fraud, nepberichten. Journalists, As Dee and Rik Van Humbeeck, follow in the footsteps of the corporations and the shadowy web sites, and search for a hidden camera is suspected of leading figures on it.

The frequency of the clock to appear on Facebook, popular websites, news headlines, where companies’, so to speak, to be fired or have their job to enter as they choose for personal care products, or financial instruments that, contrary to the choice of their employers. It’s happened to, among others, An Lemmens earlier this year.

“I was out on the weekend, I was packing my suitcase to unpack and all of a sudden, I got a message from my sister. They are saying that you lost your job at The Voice; is that correct? I was, however, done him. Your name is being misused in order to deceive the people. I’m actually busy all day with the damn Facebookberichten to be reported,” says An.

In a similar story, by Evi Hanssen and Natalia: “okay, Okay, it’s just another fake news of it, I have to go, not stay awake. However, I did not know that there is actually a body connected to those people out of their money aftroggelde. I was, however, at night, because that would be a bridge too far,” says Natalia.
“The spread of fake news is in and of itself is not a criminal offence. But it is also a violation of the legislation involved, and that’s just downright criminal,” says Matthias Dobbelaere, a lawyer internetrecht.