Jaak Van Assche don’t want to plant it in the Family to play

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For the fans of ‘Friends’ to see Alphonse Coppens (Jaak Van Assche) for a while, more decrepit. Father of Mark (Roel Vanderstukken) to cope with their health, it is obvious that the Alfons visculaire with dementia and a home for the elderly is. Jake, meanwhile, is already in 79, there was no problem to take a demented person to play with. “I had only one requirement: that Alphonse is not a plant, it would be,” he said in the message. “Well, you are technically going to have to play, and it is not fun any more. I would also be sad to find. As Mark Wilson, who is in a ‘home away from Home’ the sick of the palsy, Luc was playing, so I don’t like to do it. But in the “Family” they have assured me that that wasn’t the intention.” Jake has some good news for the viewers: Alphonse moves, but it stays in the family.