Does Gert Verhulst regret the marriage?

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Does Gert Verhulst, sorry, from the time of his marriage to Ellen? Well, yes and no. Of course, the presenter, happily married with Ellen, but it’s true, between the soup and the rumbling had to be done, and that was really about it. We flash back to the end of may 2019. This is the season of Girl in Late Night, there is barely any in or on the Ellen and Gert Verhulst married in the biggest secret, in Antwerpen, belgium. Ellen and the Girl explained to all the guests in the silence, there was no public eye can be made on the wedding of the year. After the ceremony to be held at the temporary town hall of Antwerp and gave the couple a wedding photo. Afterwards there was a reception held in Hangar 26, just near the MAS in Antwerp, belgium. Subsequently, it would be an intimate group of family and close friends will be moving to an undisclosed location, where the evening celebration was to take place. But immediately after the wedding, it was business as usual, and had to be Gert Verhulst, get back to work. No honeymoon, so that would be next year (in the best case, the time for it. To-Day All of them acknowledge, Gert Verhulst, that he is in the honeymoon, and the honeymoon is forced to overslagen. “Yes, yes, it’s a bit of a bad timing on my part has been. But we still have four days to go to Ibiza, drawn,” laughs Jones in the magazine. “It was actually our honeymoon. At the beginning of the season, we still have a few days to go to France, but it was too short. But the compromise is that its luxeproblemen, isn’t it.”
And, now, Gert Verhulst, and again six weeks at a time with a ‘Girl from a Late Night working, he sees his new bride is not all that often. And is that Ellen in the Evanna to sleep, but that is rather rare. In the next few months will remain busy. There is now a ‘Girl of Late last Night, within two weeks of start of ‘Dancing With The Stars”, there will be rehearsals for the farewell show of “Samson & Gert, filming for ‘the Girl from Last Year, rehearsals for ‘the Chateau’ De’, James and Karen Being in the theatre, and so much more. It is evident that the Gert Verhulst, not having time to be bored. Luckily for me, Ellen, at home; her husband is waiting and she has her own life.