Danny Fabry stop singing it

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This is going to be the fans of Danny Fabry’t like to read: “the singer stops singing. In All, we read of the death of Paul Severs, Danny Fabry, do you think. Danny Fabry, now 71, has decided to make it a bit easier to do. Paul Severs was doing that after a couple of warnings, for as long as wants to be with Danny Fabry not have to wait. He has to actually take the plunge and will be starting from 2020, it is less likely to occur. This year, more than 40 concerts on his schedule, that there is a little more than 10 per month. “All my life I’ve sacrificed for the music. I would have at least ten years to be able to knit with it, but why would I do that?”, ask Danny Fabry in, Day out. “I want to make this choice now, now that I am in good health, and am not, and if it’s too late. enough Is enough”, what it sounds like. This decision was also influenced by the sudden death of Paul Severs. It was a difficult decision, and is likely to, Danny Fabry, there are still going to regret it. “It’s hard for an artist to say good-bye. The music is in all of our lives. But you have to make that decision”. Danny will be next year, and less often on the podium, and is now going to be on the lookout for young talent to take the torch to it.