The Flack outside of battle after the surgery

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He had been so looking forward to it as an honorary citizen of Boom, to be present at the celebration of the 75 years of freedom, but He He the event to be passed to pass by. The actor was last week in the hospital, where he was to have heart surgery. He He had made his presence promised to be with the heroes, 75 years ago, in the Boom-to-come, but the health did not allow it to attend the event. He was in on Saturday was represented by his wife, Fabienne. He was at home, in order to benefit from a lot of the heavy work. Not so long ago, it was found that the actor had a dilatation of the aorta. If you do something like this, let take the aorta will eventually rupture and you don’t want to see that. He He was fully aware of the fact that he was a ticking time bomb in his body was there, and decided to let them handle it. After a consultation with a specialist and a date for surgery is fixed, in the meantime, the behind-the-back, and then the actor puts it, according to his wife, Her all in all, very good. “Only a limited number of people, it was at the height of the proposed transaction, and as well as the Studio’s 100,” he said they sat night on the Showbiz web Site. Studio 100 recently went on a search for a person, that He He was able to be replaced during the recovery period. The planned performances this fall may be partially due to Hans De Munter is to be played. He He is currently working on the preparation of a new production by Bob De Moor, who is going to be in January, at the premiere. In the spring of 2020, The He returned to the war, and it will once again shine in the 40-45. And that is what we wish for him from the heart increases. But the first repair and rehabilitation. Speedy recovery, mr. Herbert.