Six of the addicts to give testimony in, have the Courage to ask

436dbfacf627d06ca23176e2eecd33a6 - Six of the addicts to give testimony in, have the Courage to ask

In the second edition of ask us anything, on the 10th of september, you will receive Siska Schoeters six of the Flemish people in the studio who is struggling with an addiction. The most commonly known addictions are those of drugs and alcohol. That is, the problem is more widespread, it is proved by the figures: in Belgium, there are about 50,000 people are addicted to illegal drugs, and as many as 500,000 units of alcohol. According to figures from the world health organization (WHO) die every year, 3 million people suffer the consequences of the harmful use of alcohol. It is also a drug for treating epilepsy, in 13.5% of cases, the cause of death for people aged between 20 and 39 years of age.

People who are struggling with addiction, we have to sneak a lot of questions, but for those who dare, we will not always be in their face to set it. These questions will get the group to have the Courage to ask for an empty tv studio and you to hear it. Their answers are candid and give an honest insight into their lives. The waffle house to meet the young Sam that he would finally get rid of the drugs. The waffle house to visit him a few times in order to have a process to follow.

Ask us anything on Tuesday, september 10, at 20.40 hours on a Single