One day in the Studio, Stan

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In episode 2 of the Studio, Stan is, Stan Van Samang in life, when he is in the story of the 25-year-old Cindy, from the Lyre to hear. She crawled (6 years ago), through the eye of the needle, and when she and her bicycle were hit by a pick-up truck. At the time of the accident and listened to them-My Heroics, Part One Absynthe Minded, a song that later will never want to listen to. To get back on fond memories of, to be able to associate, will Continue in the Studio, Stan, under the guidance of record producer Gert Bettens (K’s Choice) in her own version of vocal parts.

Was that an accident has survived is a small miracle,” trust Cindy, Stan, is increasing. “That truck is me, myself, and then go back afgereden. Just about everything was broken. I was paralyzed and the doctors didn’t know if it will ever come true. For the song by Absynthe Minded, I have been since my accident and never dared to listen to it. I’ve got a sort of haatrelatie with this song. If it’s on the radio, I turn it off. I think that’s very unfortunate, because it’s such a great song. But I don’t see myself back on the bike and then it happens all over again. Through the Studio, Stan and I would go back in a positive turn to be able to give you.”

The 31-year-old Megan, from the Centre to work on the dispatch of the Fire department in Flemish-Brabant, West -, and where each of her heroes, including her own husband – a dangerous intervention in hand. The hit song, Holding Out For A Hero ” by Bonnie Tyler makes her on of the best. “I’m here to see men of honor”, it sounds in the studio and Out. Steve Also makes sure that it’s a tribute to her heroes, a special package is given.