Dj T. O. D. S, together with Koen Crucke is a new version of ” Love the Beat

d6a315ea8841739f6b5003b8bf515c7a - Dj T. O. D. S, together with Koen Crucke is a new version of " Love the Beat

DJ T. T. O. O. S (aka. Display Porrez) the color of the Ghent nightlife scene for years, both to the numerous private parties, public parties, and in the past few years, on his popular partyconcept called “Love Boat Party”. In the most recent Gentse Feesten, if DJ T. O. O. N debut to a large audience, DJ T. D. O. A-The Love Boat Experience. Not less than 8,000 as they were that night all the way onto the smooth tones and lovely melodies that Show some of the speakers at the Sint-Baafsplein had a blast.

As for the name of ‘the Love Boat’ as part of your partyconcept, and you have the artist’s name, then it would be odd to be the theme of this extremely popular TELEVISION series of the past not appear in your DJ-set, it would be processed. To show, however, was that the original tune is a pretty good idea of make use of and popped up, therefore, weeks before its debut at the Gentse Feesten, is already in the studio to create a fresh and contemporary version of the record. And who would be more suited to this iconic song to sing, which is another well-known citizen of Ghent, Koen Crucke!
It just so happens that the Daring and Show off to each other, have known it for years, and the 2 get to each other often… and you usually like to have a glass of rosé wine at all to tell them, with a twist!