Babel put the Orange half on 0-2 against Estonia in a european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier

098de44264a66d4d8cf438667c3a2646 - Babel put the Orange half on 0-2 against Estonia in a european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier

Babel put the Orange half on 0-2 against Estonia in a european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier

09 september, 2019 20:00 pm
09-09-19 20:00
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The Dutch football team is doing on Monday with a throw to third to victory in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier. The team of the coach Ronald Koeman is at 20: 45 at your hotel, starting the match with Estonia. Just follow everything in the game, in this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Dutch national football team! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the soccer team he has been a member of the Orange against Spain.

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Estonia-the Netherlands 2-minute geleden51, ” There’s scores Donyell Times, almost to Orange. The basisdebutant across the goalkeeper Lepmets.Estonia-the Netherlands 3 minutes geleden50, ” Or Estonia, is now out in the open is creeping in after the 0-2 from Ryan Babel? No, no. The Estonians are like the damage is limited, and will defend it with tooth and nail in the opposing positions.Estonia, the Netherlands · 7 minutes ago,48′ GOAL in the new year! 0 to 2

Again, scores on Ryan Babel for the Dutch team! The 32-year-old striker is the headline in the perfect cross from Memphis Depay controlled against the ropes. The netherlands is in the office.Estonia-the Netherlands 9 hours agoKick-off! The ball is rolling again in the last stages of the second half. Can the Netherlands score will continue to expand against the powerless in Estonia? Both teams are unchanged for the match to be resumed.Estonia-the Netherlands · 11 minutes ago

A superstar is sitting on the platform in Estonia, the Netherlands: Jari Litmanen, a former player of the Year. His wife, Ly Jürgenson comes from Netherlands.Estonia, the Netherlands · 17 hours ago

Here are the stats from the first half.

Goals: 0-1
Shots fired: 0 to 10
Shots on goal: 0 to 4
Possession: 27% -73 per cent
Corner kicks: 0-3Estland the Netherlands · 24 minutes ago

Peace of mind! The netherlands dominated in the Lilleküla Stadium, and it leads, as it should be with the 0-1 against Spain. Ryan Babel is the maker of one of the Netherlands’s goal.Estonia, the Netherlands · a 25-minute geleden44′ Memphis Depay tried his luck from distance, as Lepmets, it is not convincing, in the long shots. Also, saves of the goalkeeper of Estonia, with some improvisation.Estonia-the Netherlands is a 28-minute geleden41′ Virgil van Dijk is in the right place to be is a tremendous cross from the right wing, while. A plaagstootje of the Estonian people.Estonia-Holland-a 30-minute geleden38 Ryan Babel on the hunt for his second goal of the night, and will shoot at you from a distance. Lepmets whip the ball and with difficulty out of his goal.Estonia-the Netherlands a 33-minute geleden35′ Georginio Wijnaldum will produce a looking at rod, but the goalkeeper Lepmets saves be able.Estonia, the Netherlands · 39 minutes ago

…That Ryan Babel is the focal point of the Dutch, rejoicing in the town hall square.Estonia, the Netherlands · 40 minutes ago

So broke up with Ryan Babel and, after seventeen minutes of play, the ban is for the Netherlands against Estonia…Estonia, the Netherlands · a 42-minute geleden27′ Kallaste is filling up with Frenkie de Jong, the midfielder, who is like a jack in a box out of his back ones. The Young can be made from a tough angle, however, it is not the purpose of shooting.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geledenRyan to Babylon, with his second life in the Orange working on the statistics to underline his theme.

5280 – Only Abe Lenstra & Faas Wilkes have more days between their first and most recently, the Netherlands ‘ goal than Ryan Babel after his goal against Estonia. Longevity.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:05 am – september 9, 2019Estland of the Netherlands · one-hour geleden21′ Donyell Times to put the ball in focus, but none of the Orange is walk in the door. The Dutch national team and is quickly doing their job.Estonia-the Netherlands-one hour ago

This is the ninth interlandgoal for Ryan Babel. The 32-year-old attacker had the time of sixty international matches for a need.Estonia-the Netherlands-four hours ago –17′ GOAL in the new year! From 0 to 1

Ryan Babel breaks the spell for the Dutch national team! The attacker is working with the banking to cross from Daley Blind from the left is able to be inside. A kickstart for a head coach, Ronald Koeman and his men, up against the wall, from the Netherlands.Estonia-the Netherlands-one hour ago

Fifteen minutes was played in Tallinn, estonia. After a snappy opening, Dutch storm, what will die out. Estonia will know, at times, a nice counter to place it.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden15′ Joel Veltman, with a crucial intervention, as the Recovery like for a ballet dancer to the Dutch propositions to dance. The conversion of the former player of NAC Breda will be happy for the Dutch team at the foot of Veltman.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden12 united states will take a downturn and the need to allow for that in Estonia a couple of times over to the Dutch half.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden9 ” Because it is the first real opportunity for the uk. Daley Blind’s move is sharp, and the ball ends up over the back of one of the Est to the feet of Joel Veltman. Play see if you have left over.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden8, ” The statistics suggest the Dutch supremacy in the Lilleküla Stadium. The orange has less than 87 percent possession of the ball.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden6′ Rejected! In the netherlands and the 1-0 over Memphis Depay, but he’s not, as principal of Joel Veltman is in an offside was received from the splitting pass by Georginio Wijnaldum.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden3 Of Dyke! The defender can shoot at you from about 30 meters to the target. The goalkeeper Lepmets is looking for the ball next to it.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geleden3 ” The conditions in the Lilleküla Stadium, the signs are all down. Estonia is digging itself in on its own half of the Netherlands game.Estonia-the Netherlands-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is in the Lilleküla Stadium in Tallinn, estonia. Estonia, the Netherlands, is underway! The team of the coach Ronald Koeman will also Estonia is in the zegekar tie?Estonia-the Netherlands-one hour ago

The competition is led by referee Sergei Boiko from the Ukraine.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geledenDe players from the Netherlands, and Estonia’s entry to the field, in the Lilleküla Stadium in Tallinn, estonia. We will be able to listen to the song.Estonia-the Netherlands-one hour ago

Donyell Malen, and prepare for a basisdebuut in the Dutch national team. The striker looks to re-up the scoring come from?Estonia-the Netherlands-one hour ago

The t-shirts are all ready and waiting in the dressing room for the players of the Dutch national team.Estonia, the Netherlands · one-hour geledenWat going to Estonia is the Netherlands tonight it will be?

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Estonia-the Netherlands-one hour ago

Koeman makes the choice of the order in Estonia
Head coach Ronald Koeman explains why he will be three changes to his line-up for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS kwalificatieduel with Russia. “As to the way in which we get to play, I have the choice. Veltman is right back tighten, then Using (Dumfries, eds.), The second (Pröpper, ed.). the society should feel it in more than Marten (de Roon, ed.). and the Times (Donyell, ed.). is it because we, the players need to have to that level and without the ball,” said Koeman in the NIS. “If there are too many guys hit the ball out, preserve it in their game plan.”Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Over fifty international competition for Memphis Depay
Even Memphis Depay is on for a very special international competition. The 25-year-old striker, Olympique Lyon will play against Estonia’s fiftieth match in the Dutch national team.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

All of the players to arrive at the Lilleküla Stadium in Tallinn, estonia for warm-up. At 20: 45 in the sound of the first whistle.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Joel Veltman is in Tallinn, estonia, started to warm-up to a memorable international match, his first in almost two years. The right back from Ajax, was for more than a year sidelined with a severe kruisbandblessure.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Also, This Is a examine in the field, in the Lilleküla Stadium.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

This is the position in the group c. at the start of the Estonia and the Netherlands.

  1. The North Of Ireland, Between 4 And 12 (+5)
  2. Germany, 4-9 (+9)
  3. The netherlands, 3 to 6 (+5)
  4. Belarus 5 To 3 (-7)
  5. Estonia 4-0 (up to 12)

Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Head coach Ronald Koeman has arrived at the Lilleküla Stadium in Tallinn, estonia. Still a good forty minutes until kick-off.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

The nine races in the european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatiereeks are on tonight at 20: 45 on your program.

Group “C”

Group E (Departure)

Group G:
Poland, Austria,
Slovenia-Israel Israel
Latvia, Iceland-Macedonia

The Group I
Russia And Kazakhstan
San Marino-CyprusEstland-Country · 2 hours ago

The most recent meeting between the two countries, Estonia and Orange
The most recent meeting between the two countries, Estonia and the Netherlands will not be in the books as the most successful international Orange. The team’s former Dutch national team coach Louis van Gaal came out on the 6th of september, 2013, but is no more than a 2-2-tie in Tallinn, estonia. Robin van Persie went in that he would be a blamerende defeat due to a penalty against the ropes courses. Arjen Robben was on the other end.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

The balance between the Netherlands and Estonia
The Dutch national football team prepares for the fifth time in the history of Russia. The orange may be in a position to balance and consider, against the Estonians. Three times they have won, and one time it ended in a mutual encounter in a draw.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Veltman makes the first few minutes and in those two years
Donyell Malen does tonight against Estonia, basisdebuut in the Dutch national team. Also Joel Veltman is in the EURO qualifier in Tallinn, estonia for a memorable international game. The arrival of Ajax, for the first time are in Orange, and since the 14th of november 2017, when the Netherlands, with a is 0 to 3, won by Poland.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Three of the Estonian people with a Club-past
In Estonia, there are three players with a Premier league past the basiself. The captain Ragnar Klavan (pictured) played from 2005 until 2012 in the Netherlands with Heracles Almelo and AZ, by Karol Mets protected from 2017 to 2019 with the club colours of STOKE and Henrik Ojamaa was made from 2016 to 2017, player of Go Ahead Eagles.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

The preparation of Estonia-it is well-known. Of these, eleven occur at the English national football team.

Formation In Estonia: Lepmets; Teniste, Tamm, Klavan, Kallaste; Ainsalu, Tv, Kaït; Zenjov, Sorga, Ojamaa.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Koeman leads the three through in Estonia, from
Head coach Ronald Koeman will take three changes to his line-up for the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier against Estonia. Compared to the startformatie, Germany, to launch Joël Veltman, Donyell Malen, and Davy Pröpper from the kick-off in Tallinn, estonia. In the operation of that Koeman is going to be at the expense of Using Dumfries, Quincy Promes, and Marten de Roon. The kick-off in Tallinn at 20: 45.

Installation In The Netherlands: Cillessen; Veltman, The Lies, Of The Causeway, Blind; Pröpper, Wijnaldum, De Jong; On Several Occasions, Depay, Babylon.Estonia, the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

The Dutch team has arrived at the Lilleküla Stadium in Tallinn, estonia for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS qualifier against Estonia. It was not until the formation of coach Ronald Koeman.Back to top

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