A new look at The Buurtpolitie

cd385f38d6c112b98bc5ea2b7d2a42f4 - A new look at The Buurtpolitie

The twelfth season of The Buurtpolitie, it is the season of renewal. This past week, were four new faces have made their appearance in the soap opera, but it is the fifth newcomer to the game. The lucky one is a 26-year-old Ruben francq is a, he will, from time to time with a guest, to see if the dispatch is Lucas restaurants and bars at which the calls are coming in. He has been in the real life of a teacher LOW in English, but the variety and it is just a matter like to be outside school hours. He has taught at CinAct, and a master class with director and screenwriter Paul Haggis, two-time Oscar winner for the film Crash.