Stien Edlund is going to be for girlpower

01358fd39c714f110a08a5bfec76fcf7 - Stien Edlund is going to be for girlpower

This fall, there is a collection of girlpower in the ZEB stores thanks to a social media sensation, Stien Edlund. ‘Girls can do anything’ is to be read in one of her sweaters. And good for them!!!
A collection with a message that is to Stien Edlunds youngest of the litter now. Edlund has been a phenomenon on social media with two million fans to follow her creative exploits at the filmpjessite TikTok. Every day, hundreds of enthusiastic comments. “Only very, very occasionally I’ll get an awkward response. Fortunately the support of my friends and me, always”, said Stien. That the said cohesion figures among her friends Stien inspired by her collection.
‘Girls can’, ‘the Girls support girls’, ‘Best of friends’, as we read, among other things. Her clothes, recalls Edlund, young girls have to work together to save, and to fight against the negativity, and for a better world. Indeed, “twinning” opportunities for the “besties” with the T-shirt with half a heart. Stien jumps up on the scene well dressed on the ramp for the girlpower and feminism à la 2019.
In these divisive times, it is that kind of youthful enthusiasm is just what we need. As with what others have said, if there is no planet “B”, may present issues that have captured the hearts of children beat.