John Smith and Nora Gharib and surprise people with the music

6dfcb273a5bd4464ae002b466dee18e8 - John Smith and Nora Gharib and surprise people with the music

The brand new programme of entertainment Thanks to the music, to draw john Smith and Nora Gharib to eight weeks is a long time in Flanders, to the people, to comfort, to help, to thank, and a little bit of the crazy to keep up with the music. The one time they allow themselves for the music, but they will refer you also to the other artists and musicians, such as the Bazart, Helmut Lotti, John Destadsbader, ‘Arno’, Kommil Foo, Clouseau, Dana Winner, Laura Tesoro, and the cast of #LikeMe, and also you, Hugo. A sung proposal of marriage to a verrassingsmusical in the supermarket, there is only one common thread: thank you for the music!!!

And captivating moments and exciting action
A nice mix of crazy action, fun surprises, and touching moments as well, and that is to thank you for the music. As a cycling club the musical are also motivated by Helmut Lotti, will surprise shortly after his and a trouwkoppel in the church, and the help of Bart, and Mentioned a person’s last musical wish to play.

In between, take care, Bart, and Mentioned it to verrassingsmusicals. in the supermarket, in the waiting room of the doctor’s, in the room on a balcony… No one is safe from an unexpected musical interlude, and there’s also a costume play with.

Nora Gharib: “I would expect that most of the other people who would be surprised, but I’m every time surprised by some of the music in certain situations that’s all you can do for them.”