Cleymans & Van Geel to make the album

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Over the past few years were Jonah, Yellow, and Jelle Cleymans, often together on stage, with the Cleymans & Van Geel. The two sang together through the whole of Flanders, one back cover, one after the other, and now want to go a step further. Jelle Cleymans, told on Wednesday at the Plage Préférée, on Radio 2, which, in time, an album by the musical duo is. Green and James have been for some twenty years, are good friends and know each other very well. Not just professionally, as well as private then it is very good. Very recently, by the way, peter became the first child of Evelien Bosmans, and James, Of Yellow, will soon be coming together again with James in the 40-45-and to receive Jonah with the zomeroptreden of El bandido’s programs. However, the two are going to have to go a step further and include songs for a first full-length album Cleymans & Van Geel. Green told us at the Plage Préférée that meezingnummers which is also what content. “The songs really have to be all about”, says the decidedly. It is also very busy during the Very for tussenal of the work, he is also the songs for his fourth solo album with writing. That book will probably be in the course of the year 2020.