A new collection of Dennis Praet from ZEB

7afa2857c22049706f8dd5d6def90b5a - A new collection of Dennis Praet from ZEB

The red Devil is Dennis Praet has made an impression on the Italian soccer team Sampdoria of Genoa, and, therefore, wished the English Leicester is a City of many millions on the table for him to pick it up. The ZEB stores, that makes Dennis’ collection DYJCode the same idea. In the us, do you, but the millions of down-counting to become a real Dennis Praet in the house.
Dennis Praet, though his name suggests otherwise, is not a football player, with a lot of talking. It is not with fast cars, well-known the or spectacular social events. Outside the lines he has spoken. But as soon as he steps on the green switch, will demand all the attention with a lively style, the vista, are the movements of the body. The soccer ball is an old saying, ” you need to be with your feet and talk, not the mouth.” As a designer it is a Praet in the same way. It allows the collection DYJCode, he and some friends developed, to speak for themselves.
However, there are more similarities between the football player Dennis Praet, and the collection DYJCode. So, there they are questioned. That would be Dennis Praet, however, be able to shine outside of Belgium. He would be the level of handle? Would make Dennis Praet of beautiful clothes and design? They would have to sell it? From both a football player and as a designer for Dennis Praet in the question marks into exclamation points. And if he can do it. To ZEB, this is autumn, it is already the seventh collection of the DYJCode in the store.