A busy time for Kobe Ilsen

14ed1dc9d0ad7f40e95bcf2d942c69db - A busy time for Kobe Ilsen

Kobe Ilsen, tells The Newspaper that he will take a holiday the prospect. The radio and television, it has to do this, a lot of those. This summer, he does a lot of dj-sets with his good friend, Viktor Verhulst, and he presents a show on Radio 1 and recording a new season-On-One. “I don’t have a family, so I can do my job, to focus. Soon after, I get my energy from.” For One, he may go to foreign countries, but from the front of the beach, it is not the case. “A travel is not a vacation. It’s really working. You carry a serious responsibility, and you need to be in three to four days for withdrawals to make a return for that interview or that some of the images, it is not an option.”