Mayke Vanes opens the Oktoberfest in to get there

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Mayke Vanes will share it on Friday the 18th of October, the stage and o.a. Yves Segers, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Who Verdammte Spielerei and Eveline Cannoot, and that’s all that she can be a whole experience in itself. “I will be in the bakery, which used to be closed on the 18th of October, because I am at the neighbors ‘ wants,” he laughs Mayke.

After the highly successful re-launch of the legendary Wieze Oktoberfest last year, and the doors of the Oktoberhallen in Wieze, in the 18th and 19th of October, 2019 is once again wide open for what will surely be two memorable musical evenings that will be. The recipe remains the same: this is a unique and friendly atmosphere, Dirndls, Lederhosen, Bratwursten, the pure atmosphere, the traditions, of course, véééél get there Festbier, and a strong, varied line-up. Thus, should they be allowed in to get there on Friday the 18th of October.a. Yves Segers, Those Verdammte Spielerei, The from aalst, Gilles, Eveline Cannoot, AlpenFever, Jean-Marie Pfaff and john Veugelers, on the stage, but for the honor of being the Wieze Oktoberfest 2019 at the latest, that day is reserved for a local artist.

In day to day life as it bakkersvrouw Marijke Van Eessen, when she is between the bread and the pastries are from a bakery in The Wiezebakker in to get there, but in her spare time, making them as Mayke Vanes eager to pursue a career as a solozangeres. They are both their own Dutch-language songs, covers, and French chansons, as even a rock’n ‘ roll, and disco. Mayke occurs for a number of years, but the Wieze Oktoberfest may be open to a new level and it really is a dream come true for her.