Frank Vanrooy do it in English

9e795a94ed228235de9d544801a1d629 - Frank Vanrooy do it in English

If you thought all we heard from Frank Vanrooy made a mistake, and should definitely be in this new single listen to it! Frank has come up with a version of the well-known Eurosongnummer “Hold me now” by Johnny Logan. In doing so, Frank told the English-language repertoire is no secret.

As the wife of Frank Vanrooy, told us that this song it all of a sudden it has come at the request of several radio stations in Belgium and the Netherlands. There is also a music video of Frank Vanrooy’s “Hold me me now” is to watch and listen to it on YouTube.

The production was in the hands of Eric De Clercq (Pure Entertainment). Lex De Groot (LDG productions) was in the mix for you.

(Nico Vanaken)