Bizzey is ex-post strictly for Famke Louise

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Bizzey is ex-post strictly for Famke Louise

August 15, 2019 at 10:54
15-08-19 10:54 pm
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Bizzey saw Famke and Louise it with the management, the rooms, and is located in the Ali-B, connect to a computer. Afterwards, the producer, the musician, that he was too hard on the singer while she was still a part of the team.

Famke, Louise, fully-Famke-Louise Meijer started her career with Bizzey and JayJay Boske. “JayJay, and I have been really strict. Everything had to be perfect, and that it is difficult for such a young girl,” said the producer in a interview with the jamaica, new york.

The 20-year-old singer explains itself as to why they made the switch, but it led to a heated argument between Bizzey-and Ali-B of the social media. Bizzey said in the interview with the magazine that he and Boske have to do is to get the singer into the artist that she is today.