Ticket sales for Titanic, the musical ” at the speed

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At the open rehearsal on Tuesday the 13th of August, there was a excitement on the stage and the backstage of the spektakelpodium to the Donkmeer, to Berlare. It is a professional, creative team of Festivaria it transforms under the supervision of the director, Tijl Dauwe and choreographer, Ingrid, Several of the actors, and the actors are ready for the premiere of ‘Titanic the musical’ on Friday, the 23rd of August. With Peter Bulckaen, with Ivan Pecnik, Michael Meyer, Nordin De Moor, Goele De Raedt, Line Ellegiers and Hotel Liveyns. to be supported by the 23rd of the actors and the 85 people who, in terms of acting performances, not to rival their professional counterparts. During the open rehearsal was able to press the scene 1 and is given in advance of a state of affairs, and it is a nice package of info about this show, which is to be heard. The VIP package was early July and are sold out. And regular tickets, sailing at full speed. In order to meet the demand for the tickets, I was even an extra show, inserted at Wednesday, August 28. The fact that the boat is sinking, to be fixed. But how is that going to happen, they keep it a secret until the show. And it is clear to the audience curious about it. Those who would like to be witness of this spectacle, the last of the tickets ordered via the