The six new judges in the new season of The Court

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A father puts his son down and says that it is nothing to remember. Whether you’re investing in a music studio, but then get into an argument. At the end of the day, one to seven times, being shot from the eyes of a bus of schoolchildren. What if you and your son is so aggressive, it was him, and only reason can be to bring to the court? What do you do as a judge, as a woman’s, suddenly, its whole story of of domestic violence to change them? You, or your mother’s memory, and that someone got her debit card is used … this and much more, can be six, and 4 well-known judges, starting on Monday the 26th of August, the subject of the ninth season of The case in Court.

The Judges
Well-known judges in Geert Vandaele (magistrate’s court of Veurne), Ariane Braccio (the criminal court of the City), As a Dessart (first instance court of Liege), and judge Charles Van Cauwenberghe, Antwerp is back on the job. And 6 new faces to put to the doors of their prison opened: justices of the peace On a Robijns (sint-jans-molenbeek), He Vanoutrive (Gent, belgium), and In that The Drive (Gent, belgium), the criminal courts of Anne Debrule (Antwerp) and Pieter Jan Steverlinck (Hasselt, & Tong), and examining The Kaëns (S).