Tatyana Beloy is still under the impression of the use of Zaventem

684ec13bf64b676955c491cb6d33aaf9 - Tatyana Beloy is still under the impression of the use of Zaventem

Tatyana Beloy pulled out in the last few weeks, the newspapers have, however, provocative photos on Instagram. For the weekly magazine Humo this was a very good reason to get the show on the cover of the magazine is to continue. However, in the interview, it starts Tatyana Beloy is about a moment in time that she will never forget march 22, 2016. On the day of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, it was Tatyana Beloy, along with that of her brother at the airport of Zaventem. For more than three years after the fact, it adds Tatyana Beloy is still the effects of what happened that day. The handling of the terrorist attack on the airport, it is still not done. “I’m still bothered by it. As we are now, an hour would be doorbomen, I am here again to whine. It has been a bad experience. In the aftermath, I allowed myself to almost not matter, it is difficult to have. I didn’t have much to complain about? I had my arms and legs, even while I have body parts all around me was flying,” says Beloy, in the new Festival. And go to Tatyana on a trip and need it for the flight, and that was certainly not self-evident. “I’ve had more than my older brother. He has to be the week after, and then the plane was taken. I couldn’t do that. At the moment it works quite well, but it is not in the same way as it used to be. I will never, ever, still at the seating area of an airport, feel free to visit us. On the 22nd of march, I was wearing flip-flops, and they’re not very useful if you need to run for your life. I’ll be there to always make sure that my mobile phone has enough power to fly, so that I can call if need be. And if I have to go to the theatre, to go, to check the output, I can,” witness Tatyana Beloy. The drama at the airport, has made a deep impression on Tatyana failed to do so. “After the terrorist attack at the airport was paramount for me it is very hard to get a sense of this: it’s not fair that the victims have come to you.”