Michael Moore’s ‘life begins at 50’

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Michael Moore, the increasingly popular singer from Rotselaar, recently gave a sold-out concert in his home town for his 50 th birthday. A landmark album for Michael, which, after five years of fighting in the world of showbiz, finally, a lot of doors, see doors.

“I’m a late bloomer,” says Michael. Singing, I’ve had it my whole life. Anyway, I was 45 when I was a first song, it was. Since then, construction I’m on the road. This can be accomplished with trial and error. I’m happy to work with my hard-songwriter Jim de Nijs, who can tell me what I want, and can be, and from that collaboration, came up with some radiohits result, such as ‘Hold me down’ and ‘Miss Sarah’. This summer, we decided ‘to be Crazy about Victoria for a bit of a different sound. With a little more balls… the one That fits better for me.”

Instead, it has been since his debut a big makeover.

“From the time I got the chance to see a couple of times with his own band perform, I feel just like a fish in the water and on to the stage,” says Purdy. ‘Performing with the top musicians behind me, it gives a lot of energy. I can totally be myself and tough look that is just who I am. Nothing is thought of it, but just Michael Moore’s. We can agree that life begins at 50. But for me, it’s definitely this way!”

“Crazy station” is certainly new, in the Flemish Ultratop 50.