Christel and Frank Galan-in the mourning

0573cc5da5bfa922c5e1a73d45452905 - Christel and Frank Galan-in the mourning

For the past few days, it was far from being fun, Frank Galan, and his wife, Christel. The past is the father of Christel Galan, deceased. “This is the worst thing I have ever had have been”, was an emotional, Christel Galan. “We were almost every day together. I Was not there, there would have to be one of the grandchildren and we called about 10 times a day. Since I have no brothers or sisters, have a care, Frank, me and the kids, along with mom, for my dad. After more than 15 years on dialysis and was all the way in. You fought for me and you, grandchildren, also told you last week at the doctor’s office. Peace is now but a gentle, dad,” wrote Christel Tuesday night on Facebook.
The strength of the family.