Bjorn Soenens, examines the American drugdoden

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U.s. heroin overdose, is a documentary film by Björn Soenens and Dan Wallis, the American drug crisis threatening to spill. By 2018, only, died, 72.000 of Americans, after a drug overdose. A record breaking year. The situation is so severe that the life expectancy of Americans for the last two years, after each has been reduced.

The disease affects not only the homeless or the unemployed, or those with an absence. The teachers, airline pilots, police officers, fire fighters, lawyers, bankers as well. It is up to everyone. About 200 people a day die from heroin, fentanyl, or oxycodone.
The programmakers went to talk to the victims and first responders.

The documentary will be aired on Thursday, August 15, at 20.05 h. in lieu of this question.