A$AP Rocky, were found guilty of assault

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A$AP Rocky, were found guilty of assault

On August 14, 2019 14:05
14-08-19 14:05
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The American rapper A$AP Rocky, has been used by the Swedish court, found guilty of assaulting a nineteen-year-old man. He was convicted and sentenced to a suspended prison sentence and a financial penalty. There was a six-month prison sentence requested by the prosecutor’s office.

The victim will receive a total compensation of 12,500 sek (about 1164 million), which is shared by Rakim Mayers, as the rapper is really hot, and the two personal security officers who, together with him, have been sentenced by the court. In addition to this, men will have a sum of 800 crowns (about 75 euro) to be transferred to a fund for the geweldslachtoffers.

The judge will give the three of them proceed to a conditional prison sentence. It will not be proven to be considered that the Mayers and security of the victim with a glass bottle attack. A prison sentence would not be appropriate in such cases.