Transfervrije Bony will train with League Two club Newport

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Transfervrije Bony will train with League Two club Newport

20th of may, 2019 09:30 am
20-05-19 09:30 am
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In this transferblog, we will keep you up to and including the last day (2 september) as the summer transfer market up to date with all the news. Not only are the confirmed transfers, but also to all the rumors.

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Transferupdates · 10 hours ago

‘Abidal en route to France for a transfer for Neymar’
Eric Abidal, the technical director of FC Barcelona, is reportedly on its way to France in order to make the transfer of Neymar to the discussion. Yesterday it was announced that Barcelona’s offer for the Brazilian attacker of Paris Saint-Germain, has been increased to 80 million, plus Philippe Coutinho. Neymar, who is also in the interest of Real Madrid, it would have been a preferred choice for the Catalan club. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · 18 minutes ago, theBayern Munich around the arrival of Perisic off
Bayern Munich’s Ivan Perisic in. The Croatian will be out by the Germans, and for one year in the center of The club, with an option to buy. In the case that Perisic has played in the past to Borussia Dortmund and Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. With the emergence of Perisic has to Play at last, a new attacker will have to grab it. The “Rekordmeister” handle has adjacent to the Leroy Sané (Manchester City), and, following his departure to chelsea, Hakim Ziyech.

OFFICIAL ✍️. Ivan Perisic es nuevo jugador del Bayern. El extremo croata llega and calidad de cedido, con opción de compra, procedente del-Inter. #FCBayern (photo of @FCBayern)


AuteurFútbol TotalMoment of plaatsen11:02 pm – 13 August, 2019Transferupdates · 36 minutes ago

Benitez out to the directors of Newcastle
Rafael Benitez says a lack of confidence lies at the root of his departure from Newcastle United. “Three years is a long time, there are promises not fulfilled.” Benitez left at the end of June, the Premier League club, with the Chinese Dalian Yifang. According to Newcastle’s managing director Lee Charnley, the Spaniard went for the money, however, Benitez denied that. “I’d much rather do it.” (Source: The-Ft)Transferupdates · 3 hours agoClubloze Bony trains with Her
The other times are for Wilfried Bony. On a point of Ensuring that it was a little over four years ago to 32 million euros by Manchester City, taken over by Swansea City. Currently, it is the case that a Mix clubloos and dives are at the League Two club Newport County in order to be in shape to keep up. “A great work ethic and professionalism and to a high standard. For the boys, you will find there is much to learn,” says Her manager, Michael Flynn’s the option of a one-of-Bony.

Five years ago, Manchester City signed Wilfried Bony for £28m.
Now he is training with League Two’s Newport.


AuteurBBC SportMoment of plaatsen08:00 pm – August 13, 2019Transferupdates · 3 hours ago

‘PSV are looking for a replacement Lozano in the world
MANU is, in all likelihood, Hirving Lozano, sell This and hope to be there this summer as a replacement for you to pick up. There is a big chance that the Locals in the overseas shopping, as the options are in the Premier league have been limited. The would-be attackers of Ajax are not feasible, and Steven Berghuis (the Club) has just finished his contract will be renewed, and AZ seems to be, following the sale of His Raise, do not want to participate in a transfer of the flavoring Calvin Stengs. For that reason, looking for PSV eindhoven and now for the foreign alternatives. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · 3 hours ago

Willem II will be hoping full-Nelom’
Play Miquel Nelom first season back in the Premier league? The full is currently no club can be said to be attributable to the interest of William II. The 28-year-old defender has played in the past, with Feyenoord, Sparta and Excelsior. Last season, the two-time Dutch international, based in the Scottish Hibernian. Nelom was most recently on trial at Vitesse, but it is not a contract. The people of tilburg, would also have two midfielders with the selection and would like to add. (Source: Brabants Dagblad (daily)Transferupdates · 3 hours ago

‘MANU will be extended by Bergwijn’
Hirving Lozano appears to leave the pitch, but the club from Eindhoven do not want to be a star player to sell this summer. The people from the netherlands to do it that this has to be reported to Steven Bergwijn not to be binding. The 21-year-old attacker is capable of attracting the attention of Sevilla and Bayern Munich. Player the international is still up to 2022. If it were up to the runner-up of the previous Premier league season is set, there will be a further year, and a lot of money. (Source: ED)Transferupdates · 3 hours ago

Veltman: ‘is Not a punishment to have to stay
He himself, however, hear of it, but Joel Veltman will depart this summer, not in the Box. The 27-year-old defender is allowed to simply not move from Ajax. “I’ve never made any secret would have to take a look. My dream of an overseas adventure to continue,” says Veltman. “The coach has given me for the holidays to let you know that I want to keep it. Then, later, the concrete interest is created, the Ajax board of directors and the coach once again to let you know that I don’t want to let it go. That confidence feels good. And, of course, it is not a punishment to have to stay.” (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:41

‘FC Barcelona and makes a new bid for Neymar’
A day without an update on Neymar, it is a day not lived for the football. And so today, with new developments all around the the aggrieved Former Paris Saint-Germain. Not a favorite of Real Madrid, but FC Barcelona would be his bid for Neymar and have been raised. The Catalans have now is not worth 60 million euro, 80 million euro, plus Coutinho in the attacking side. Neymar would have the right to have a preference for his old employer, from Barcelona, spain. (Source: Le Parisien)Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:30

Liverpool, and places the goalkeeper after an injury Alisson
Now, the first goalkeeper Alisson Becker of weeks, sidelined with a knee injury, will Liverpool have an extra keeper to add to the file. ‘The Reds’ in their search, was released by Andy Lonergan. The 35-year-old spain international has been clubloos after a toby carvery restaurant next door to his expiring contract will not be extended. He has also trained for the preparation, along with Liverpool and signed a contract with a short-term signing. In the absence of Alisson, the newly established Those to be the first choice of the manager, Jürgen Klopp. (Source: Liverpool Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:20

El Khayati finally get to Qatar
Abdenasser El Khayati is definitely on his way to Qatar, reports Voetbal International. The negotiations between the El Khayati’s employer, ADO Den Haag, and Qatar SC were found to be soaking in a bit of a mess, but the two clubs have yet to reach agreement over a transfer fee. In the case that an attacker of this week, will be launched at the Qatar SC. El Khayati, came back for FC Den Bosch and NAC Breda. (Source: Voetbal International)Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:10

Valencia can take Mangala from City
Valencia frees Eliaquim Mangala out of his dead-end situation at Manchester City. The Spanish club, the 28-year-old defender reached an agreement on a transfer to the resort. Mangala signed a two year contract with the city. The eight-fold international of France has been at Manchester City, off on a tangent here. He played in the season 2016/2017 are already on a rental basis to the city. (Source: Valencia Transferupdates · yesterday at 21:20

Kovac acknowledges that a medical examination Perisic
Ivan Perisic is on the verge to sign a contract with Bayern Munich. To the left of the Bathroom done today to have a medical examination, confirms the coach, Niko Kovac. Perisic would be the first for an amount of € 5 million for one year, can be rented by the Italians. In the contract it has Of the Rekordmeister’ is also an option to buy included. The Croat will play in since 2015 is for professionals. He was in last year, Croatia is in second place at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. (Source: ARD)Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:50

‘This report with the offer in Lozano
MANU needs to seriously consider a departure from Hirving Lozano to the Right. And the Italians are officially in Eindhoven has been an offer for the Mexican forward. PSV’s hopes in the transfer of Lozano for more money than it was four years ago, when the transfer of Memphis Depay to Manchester United. That brought out the Locals when when when when a 34 million euro. (Source: Voetbal International)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:37

Representatives and Neymar were spotted at the Nou Camp
Will Neymar be back to his former employers at FC Barcelona? It’s a Spanish tv show , El Golazo de la Mañana – spot of today, in any case, the representatives of the Brazilian attacker is in the middle of the stadium and the Nou Camp. Neymar, who is still under contract with Paris Saint-Germain, the last few days especially, is linked with a transfer to Real Madrid. What are the types of cards we currently have, are, dare, is not only a medium to say. (Source: ASH)Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:10

Zidane said: “Until the 2nd of september, anything can still happen
Zinedine Zidane, the coach of Real Madrid, and for the first time spoken about the transfer of Neymar to the Spanish capital. “Neymar is not a part of our selection process, but only to the 2nd of september, anything can happen”, refers to Zidane in the final day of the transfer market. Is expected to leave Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez still at Real Madrid. “We’re here with the team we have and I think it. Bale and James Rodriguez have been two of the players selected, but everything remains to be done.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:00

‘Bayern Munich are in the market for Coutinho’
In a new twist in the transfersaga around Coutinho. The Brazilian midfielder for FC Barcelona would have only yesterday, to hear, to have been given that the transfer is not in the container, but today changed all that. The clubleiding in the eastern empire, would have been the conversations have been with Bayern Munich over the transfer of Coutinho, who will be in the pecking order with Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, and Luis Suárez to need to endure. Previously saw a move to Head off for the 27-year-old former player of the club. (Source: El Mundo Deportivo)Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:04Ivan Perisic, it is, indeed, a medical check-up at Bayern Munich, and let the attacker know, on Picture. It won’t be long before the Croatian was officially a player for the German champions.

Ivan Perišić has already arrived in Munich and underwent his medical this morning. He spoke briefly to the Picture: “Yeah, I just did the medical checkup. I’ll do my best to” [Picture]


AuteurBayern & GermanyMoment of plaatsen12:17 pm – August 12, 2019Transferupdates · yesterday at 13:36‘Perisic has been approved, and nearly out of Play’
Ivan Perisic is leaving for Bayern Munich move. In the case that Croat would have a medical check-up by the German won the national championship. The South Germans, the attacker is said to be one-season rental, with the option to use it in the summer of 2020, to 20 million euros to take over The club. Perisic has played in the past to Borussia Dortmund and Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. With the imminent arrival of the Perisic has to Play at last, a new attacker will have to grab it. The ‘Rekordmeister’ grasp earlier in addition to, Leroy Sané, and Hakim Ziyech.

Ivan Perisic had the medicals, and he’s going to sign with Bayern Münich. Confirmed, done deal, and here we go 💯 #transfers #Bayern


AuteurFabrizio RomanoMoment of plaatsen13:08 pm – August 12, 2019Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:34 amWilliams signs huge contract with Bilbao
Iñaki Williams signed a special contract with Athletic Bilbao. Facing put his signature on a new contract, and it is now up to mid-2028 (!) fixed. The 25-year-old striker has been playing ever since 2015, when the La Liga club, and it seems to be there in the next few years to go. Williams will receive a lump sum in the contract of eur 135 million.

OFFICIAL: Iñaki Williams has signed a new nine-year contract extension with Athletic Bilbao, keeping him at the club until 2028.
His release clause is set at €135m.


AuteurSquawka NewsMoment of plaatsen10:may 11 – August 12, 2019Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:44 pm

Pogba close to departure to United is not out of
Leaving Paul Pogba is still at Manchester United. Now that the English clubs have no players need to be able to buy it, it seems that the midfielder will not be going, but it is still not certain. Real Madrid are reportedly interested in the 26-year-old Frenchman. “We know there are a lot of things that have been said. Time will tell exactly what’s going on. All of this is still a big question mark,” said Pogba himself. “I am now at Manchester United, and having fun with my teammates. I want to be in every competition to win it and will give it their all to get on the field and off.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 07:55 pm

‘Van Wolfswinkel is not in, Van der Heijden does have
We’re going to a line by the arrival of Ricky van Wolfswinkel this summer. The attacker of FC Basel, it has been several weeks off (head injury), and it is, therefore, no longer be an option for People, who are searching for an alternative to the spitspositie. Also Jan-Arie van der Heijden seems to be not to be able to do it with the Team. The defender hopes that is still left, but the club don’t want to let it go. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday at 07:44 pm

Ziyech, ” Then I prefer to stay at Ajax
Seville was the point, but Hakim Ziyech also continues this season with Ajax, and to extend the previous week’s contract by one year (to mid-2022). The 26-year-old playmaker, it has to be “just amazing” to be in Amsterdam, the netherlands. “We have a good team, and I feel the urge to make it a successful season last year is not the incident to them. And in that sense, it is, for me, the most important thing. Each player should have their own choices to make, and Sevilla will definitely be a great club. However, I’ve always said, the picture really should be all right. And in that sense I don’t know. So it’s clear that I don’t want to leave Ajax.” (Source: AD)Transferupdates · yesterday at 07:38 pm

“Lozano will depart as yet, the PSV is looking for a replacement’
In Eindhoven, they must highly take into account, a departure from Hirving Lozano. This is said to be planning to in the next few days for a deal to be enforced. PSV eindhoven will be hoping for 40 million euros, while the Mexican himself is almost complete, with the Italian club. The Locals would need to be on the lookout for a drop-in replacement for the 24-year-old Lozano, as seen by the (long) injuries, Sam, Lammers, and Gastón Pereiro may be the people from the netherlands can still be an attacking reinforcement. (Source: ED)Transferupdates · on Sunday, at 19:42

Luckassen and Sainsbury may be the way on the pitch, Ribéry impossible
Derrick Luckassen and Trent Sainsbury are allowed to leave PSV eindhoven. Coach Mark van Bommel, the two central defenders will not be necessary due to the recovery of Daniel Schwaab. “What does this mean for Luckassen, and Sainsbury? They will be allowed to leave. They are not in the selection, that says it well enough,” said Van Bommel at FOX Sports prior to the competitieduel with ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. The coach also suggests that Franck Ribéry will not lead to Eindhoven, it will come out. “I have a person In speaking, however, this is prohibitively expensive. There is a line running through it.”Transferupdates · Sunday at 18:36De has been even in the game, most likely for his new club.

🔜 | Thomas Bruns, now I’m in the audience, it would be coming soon to a @PECZwolle will be presented.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen18:32 am – August 11, 2019Transferupdates · Sunday at 18:20

Daniel = 😁


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:19 – August 11, 2019Transferupdates · Tuesdays at 18:08

‘THE rent Bruns, of Ensuring that’
Thomas Bruns plays for the rest of the season and in all probability for PEC Zwolle. The scot is due to play delhi for a year, thanks to Sprint. The 27-year-old Bruns is in the city of Arnhem was not in the plans of coach Leonid Slutsky was at the beginning of this year and is already rented out to FC Groningen in the netherlands. (Source: The guardian nigeria)Transferupdates · Sunday at 18:04

A remarkable return, Schwaab player
Daniel Schwaab will be back in the BACKLINE. In the case that German had left it three months ago from Eindhoven, in order to have more time with his family, but is now back on the decision. The central defender signs for a year at PSV eindhoven. “After three months of spending time with my wife and children, however, the hunger is back. The fire is burning once again. With the full support of my family, so I’m just going in with a lot of ambition to continue to player”, it motivates Schwaab’s return. (Source: DAS)Transferupdates · Sunday at 18:01

Welcome back, Daniel! ❤


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:00 pm – August 11, 2019Transferupdates · Sunday at 17:25

‘Schwaab’ in Eindhoven at PSV eindhoven to return to finish’
Will Daniel Schwaab after a couple of months back for PSV? There’s still much to be like you. According to the Eindhovens Dagblad , the German, meanwhile, reported on in the Philips Stadium, and he will go in the short term, to sign a contract with the Locals. In the case that the defender has played in 2016 and last season for PSV eindhoven.Transferupdates · Sundays at 15:12

Anderlecht and the stunt with the huurdeal Chadli
Nacer Chadli continued his career, and surprisingly enough, when Anderlecht) Vincent Kompany. The Belgian club to take the midfielder-cum-attacker for the season, on a rental basis from AS Monaco. For the French, it was the former Belgian international on a one off hit. Chadli came out, it AGOVV and FC Twente, where he transfereerde to the Uk Tottenham Hotspur. (Source: Brussels), Transferupdates · Sunday at 13:28

‘Coutinho will not start anymore for Barcelona
It does not seem likely that Philippe Coutinho this summer, will move to FC Barcelona. According to Marca , the Catalan club are to let you know that it is a transfer, there’s not going to happen. In the Former, the last couple of weeks, linked with Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and be called a ruildeal with Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain. A transition, was not. The 27-year-old attacking midfielder arrived in January 2018 and from Liverpool, and is still, by mid-2023 fixed. (Source: Marca)Transferupdates · Sunday at 11:40 am

‘We’re going to be interested in the Argentine striker’
We’re going to have to have an eye for Adolfo Gaich. The twenty-year-old striker is an Argentine jeugdinternational, which is under contract with San Lorenzo. The team has reportedly not yet been reported from the Argentinian club, but it will soon be an offer to go on that. Gaich offers for San Lorenzo a commitment until 2021. (Source: FOX Sports)Transferupdates · Sunday at 11:10

De Jong is winking: ‘Donny needs to stay
Frenkie de Jong advises that, with a nod and a wink to his former team-mate Donny van de Beek. The 22-year-old midfielder from Ajax, in the apparent interest from Real Madrid, the arch rival of The Childhood home of FC Barcelona. “It would be best if he is at Ajax continues. I don’t like to be against him, and that it would be Ajax’s better,” he explains to FOX Sports. Then, seriously: “I would be delighted for him to find when he was at Real Madrid, would take place. He is a great player and he deserves it.”Transferupdates · Sunday at 11:00 am

Sarri: “We have had six more players to be sold
The coach Maurizio Sarri frustrated by the transferperikelen at the Top. The new coach of the Italian national champion should be, say, six players are selling in order to have a suitable selection to be able to sign up for the tournament. “We have to be in this situation, if the club’s problems. It is not always to the directions of the coach or the board of directors. We have six players, and it makes it very difficult for me. It is to be twenty very busy days for us in the transfer market. It is a ridiculous state of affairs, because we have players of a very high level, let’s go.” (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport)Transferupdates · Sunday’s at 10:37

FC Groningen takes the Danish jeugdinternational
FC Groningen attracts Nicklas Strunck Jakobsen to. The nineteen-year-old And comes from the Danish club FC Nordsjaelland and a draw to a four-year contract with The ‘Pride of the North’. Strunck’s as right back and sides of the feet, and it is a Danish jeugdinternational. “Up until now, it was not possible for Nicklas to Groningen to get in,” says chief technical officer-Mark Fledderus, on the site of football club FC Groningen. “We see it all the time and are constantly in touch with him and his management team have been. A hole was created, we have to directly hit you.” (Source: FC Groningen, the netherlands)Transferupdates · Sunday’s at 10:30 am

‘They are going to are yet to sign up for Pogba’
For Manchester United, they are going to assume that Paul Pogba will be the transfer in England at the end. However, the hope and the stay of the French one turns out to be in vain, if we, the English media are to be believed. The breeds in the background of a return to the 26-year-old midfielder, and it is close to the Italian market and on the 31st of August, an attempt to bring him to Turin to meet it. (Source: Sunday Express)Transferupdates · Sunday at 09:30 am

Dortmund, rent, Toprak at Werder Bremen
Ömer Toprak’s departure after two years at Borussia Dortmund. The German Super-Cup-winner, rent, for the thirty years as a defender at Werder Bremen, where the Second Doe is active. The club from the port city, has the contract also has an option to buy agreed. Toprak started in 2017 as a basisspeler to Dortmund, but this season his prospects go. He was more likely to come from Bayer Leverkusen and Freiburg in germany. (Source: Borussia Dortmund, germany)Transferupdates · Sunday at 08:50 pm

‘Salariseisen Ribéry is too high for the RANGE
Franck Ribéry is next season the final is not on the Dutch football pitches to be seen. According to the Newspaper report now also in The Telegraph is that the French, Portuguese is back to the length it is for the ADVANTAGE. By coach and former team-mate Mark van Bommel is hoping that the Locals Ribéry, for a visit to Eindhoven, to be lure, but the attempt failed to achieve the finances. Ribéry’s press conference, but it demands such a high salary, and that he will be prohibitively expensive, it is for the ADVANTAGE. According to the latest reports, the 36-year-old attacker was on his way to Lokomotiv Moscow. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · sat at 22:40

Ajax in talks with Veltman on the contract
Also Joel Veltman and his (expiring) contract and extend it for Ajax? The people of Amsterdam are in talks with the 27-year-old defender, as coach Erik ten Hag know about it after the match, Ajax FC Emmen (5-0) in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Veltman plays in 2012 at the beginning of the champion. “I’ve told him that he had not gone to. August is an important month and we’ve Veltman is desperately needed,” said Ten Hag. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · Saturdays at 19:32

‘PSV would Schwaab recall
PSV eindhoven, this summer, say goodbye to Daniel Schwaab, but the German defender will be possible thanks. The 31-year-old mandekker would be talking about a contract for one more season with the New club. Schwaab does it since a month, work out at SC Freiburg, when he, due to personal circumstances, to return to his country of origin. By Timo Baumgartl got the PSV already has a follow-up to Schwaab. (Source: Eindhovens Dagblad (eindhoven daily)Transferupdates · on Saturday, at 17:14

‘Serero of Ensuring that Al Jazira’
Thulani Serero is about to Short out…. South Africa would, in the short-term, contract, draw in, the Al Jazira coach, Jurgen Streppel. The club from the United Arab Emirates, to pay to the said 1 million euros for the 29-year-old midfielder. Serero came on in the 2017 to mate after he is six years for Ajax to play with. (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · Saturday at 16:31

‘Ribéry is nearing agreement with the Lokomotiv’
Franck Ribéry looks like this summer will not go to PSV eindhoven, to move. The 36-year-old Frenchman was close to an agreement with Lokomotiv Moscow. The Russian club also outperforms the Locals are reportedly on the financial requirements of the transfervrije forward. A deal between Lokomotiv and Ribéry is not there yet, but that chance has been for the past few hours, however, has greatly increased. (Source: L’equipe)Transferupdates · Saturday at 15:03

‘Wöber, on the threshold of a return to Spain
Maximilian Wöber able to return to his home country of Austria, as the local media in Seville are to be believed. The ex-defender of Ajax, who, after a period of lease is for 10 million euros, final over Sevilla, is no longer in the plans of coach Julen Lopetegui. Red Bull Salzburg will be the centrumverdediger out of his suffering to redeem him for up to 12 million euros, to take over from the Restaurant. (Source: Diario De Sevilla)Transferupdates · Saturday at 14:40Naar, which club would Neymar be done?

  • The Real Madrid28%
  • FC Barcelona40%
  • The other topclub13%
  • With Paris Saint-Germain blijven19%

Transferupdates · Saturday at 14:00

PSG leave Neymar out of clash
Thomas Tuchel, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain, will let Neymar tomorrow is out of the clash for the first competitieduel in Ligue 1, the city of Nîmes. It was a decision made by the club to the Brazilian dribbelaar do not have to let them play, let the technical director, Leonardo, on ESPN know about it. “The talks are more advanced than this.” Neymar has been linked with a departure from the French club. Real Madrid to his services to angling. (Source: ESPN)Transferupdates · Saturday at 13:40

‘During the premier league to Roda JC’
Also, at the board level, there is the transfer market going on. Mohammed, During the main candidate for the vacant position of general manager of Roda JC, is writing a Football International. According to the voetbalblad is the new Mexican owner, Mauricio Garcia de la Vega is considered as an ideal candidate to clear rubble in the south of the netherlands. Hamdi has been named as the new manager of Fc ADO Den Haag, but the internal struggles to block for now an appointment to the seat.Transferupdates · Saturday at 12:20Ajax director Edwin van der Sar would like to congratulate Lasse Schöne with his transfer to Genoa.

Thanks to Lasse Schöne for his contribution to @AFCAjax for in the last seven years! League titles, domestic cup, UEL final, and by 2017, the CL semi-final last season, and many of the fantastic goals. Good luck with your new challenge @genoacfcofficial and see you soon for a farewell from our fans around the world.


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