The new season, with a penalty, and stories are the new brand identity for A

0360c5f71df868c8e66124b62eb60bc4 - The new season, with a penalty, and stories are the new brand identity for A

As of september 2, picks up One of the new televisieseizoen. The largest of the channel takes topfictie, exciting new programmes, and the pain terugkomers. New one has been bold enough to ask for, which, Siska Schoeters is a group of people that we are, secretly, many want to know, daring to ask, under the nose, on the left. The combination of a Fall in the Cologne, and the the new quiz with Sven de Leijer, and the fiction series Grenslanders with Koen De Bouw makes for a can’t-miss Sunday night. The week will be taken care of properly completed by an all-new show featuring Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis. Later in the year, it’s another to look forward to in the new Camp, Waas, and topfictie by The dozen. This wide, innovative range is the One we fall for all age groups. In order to let everyone have the chance to show the range of One to discover it, it continues to be for that very reason, invest in new opportunities, to look at it. In addition, One is from the 2nd of september will be completely different with a completely new logo.

In the broadest brand, of Flanders, of which this is One. It’s just, it reached the spring of this year to a whopping 68.5% of the population on a weekly basis, or 4.143.336 the Flemish people. With such a large group to achieve success One has managed to make it fun for young and old. Some of the programs, and it is especially good for the younger group (18-44 years old): fiction, including Games, or On the water, and a program such as columbus’s voyage, Down the road, and Travel to the Waas. The market share of One of them was this spring’s stable and has a height of 33.3% compared to 33.8% in the previous year (January to may, the live+7; 4+; prime-time).

For one, it stays in Flanders, of convincing the market leader. This is successful for the brand, is constantly on the move. Of course, One of the haven of the familiar and the faces, but each and every season to refresh in different areas, it remains the brand’s position in the Flemish and belgian society is confirmed.

In recent years, One of several successful series such as Factcheckers and the Feeling that due to the success of new seasons, can count on. In addition, it took just a few of the special programs, such as the format of the fiction series in their Thirties. This is autumn’s promise, among other things, the surprising and bold enough to ask for it and Camp in the Waas for a lot of the conversation in the living room, and gives Thanks for the music, for some much-needed relaxation. Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis is going to be in the brand new show with a fresh perspective on the current events of the day.

One of them is very, very proud of his fictiereeksen and he wants to offer programs in a variety of ways, so that the viewers they’re able to consume it wherever and whenever they want to. The brand has made over this past year we have successfully, with the other Thirty-somethings. The set was both linearly on the antenna as well as through One on a VRT is NOW a huge success, and gained a different target audience, depending on the platform. This fall, the new fictiereeksen Geub, Grenslanders and The twelve, after the first to be broadcast on television, available in full through a One-on-VRT right NOW, for up to 30 days after the last broadcast on network television.