The guy with no legs who is a Formula 1 driver would be

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At seventeen, the age to lose Billy: Monger both of his legs in a horrific crash during a race in the racing series of Formula 4. Instead have the courage to lose the grasp of the British teenager, the wire, once again. “It is my dream to ever be a Formula 1 driver, but there is no impaired driver at this level, it succeeds,” says Billy: Monger.

This is the beginning of a major battle. His car will have to be changed, but the talent and stuurvaardigheid, he is not to be lost. Not yet eleven months later, he was third in his first Formula 3 race. Billy is an inspiration to a lot of people. His strong spirit and is eternal positivism and appeal to the imagination of many people. “My life had not stopped, only changed”. He grew up to be a national British hero, and also the surgeons are very impressed with the way he has in a short period of time if: “From the very first moment he started to crack jokes, to make. He made it so easy for the people. I saw him, he just laughed. That’s amazing, but it’s really true,” says the surgeon, of Tom Them.

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