Studio 100 is a summer festival is completely sold out!

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For more than two weeks for the first issue of the Studio 100 is a summer festival report-Studio 100 is that the festival is completely sold out, it is. This is a new festival that will take place on Saturday the 31st of August, in the provincial Domain De Schorre in Boom. Along with the well-known Studio to 100 friends, the summer is brought to a festive close. Studio 100 TV, the faces, James Cooke and mary Verhulst will be the presentation of the festival will be able to take on.

In this brand-new festival, visitors can enjoy performances of K3, Samson & Gert, Mega Mindy, Piet Piraat, Maya the bee, Bumba, Campus, 12, Wilko & Keelin of night Watch, and many, many others. Also, Baba Yega, and the newest member of the Studio 100 program, you will be there, too. The presentation will be in the hands of Studio 100 TV-faces-Marie Verhulst, and James Cooke. In addition, there is a surprising entertainment for big and small meet-and-greet with the Studio 100 heroes, bouncy castles, lots of goodies, and so much more. It promises to be, in any case, it is a truly memorable afternoon for you.