Pictures in Flemish film ‘Red Sandra’ in four different countries

fe6e1c042804633ece3de85fe5a8a83c - Pictures in Flemish film 'Red Sandra' in four different countries

The shooting of the new movie, “Red, Sandra,” Monday, starting with the role of director Jan Verheyen – co-director, with Him Also who is also the script for the film and the book. The film tells the true story of a Belgian family, Massart, ten years ago, a lot of freed in this country. The leading roles are played by Sven De Ridder, daddy, William), Darya Gantura (mama, Olga, and for the novice, Rosalie and Charles (Sandra).

The extensive supporting cast, we see, among others, Viviane De Muynck, Peter, Gorissen, Ini Massez, Elke Van Mello, Robbie Cleiren, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts, Jan Hammenecker, Dirk Tuypens, Sara De Roo, Karel Vingerhoets, Pepijn Caudron, Gilda De Bal, Vic De Wachter, Van Sande…

As for the story itself, is also partly a play on the language, and also in the Netherlands, Denmark and the united kingdom, and will also be a number of the international actors, combined to create the w.oh. Lara Hubinont (La trêve’), Clement Manuel (‘Défendre ‘ Public’, ‘Him’, ‘Le tueur du lac), Charles Aitkin (‘Happy Death Day’, ‘Summertime’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘The girl on the train”), and Kaisa Hammerlund (‘The nest’, ‘Lewis’, ‘dam holby City’).