Pascal Braeckman is showing good heart in Everyone’s famous

85e3260bc0b3fa51c1cef825cb42526e - Pascal Braeckman is showing good heart in Everyone's famous

As of the 2nd of september, it is time for Everyone to be famous. The day to day feel-good programme, brings together some of the most popular sections are back, and there is a lot of news to look forward to. Anyone who is interested in the ‘On side’ once again follow the adventures of the university’s students. This academic year, starting with a completely new side of it, and get a sexy, Stanske, next morning, Jasper, and Stephen and the group of four students. Also Koekskes and boekskes with Siska Schoeters returned.

New this fall is “Across the Pacific”. Everyone’s famous-writer Wouter did previously, to see the Northern lights, and through the states, but in the new season, criss-crossed, he is an entire continent on a bike: the Pacific islands. He shares the weekly adventures, full of beautiful landscapes, interesting encounters, hardships, and discovery. And starting in september, combines the most agree that of Flanders, Pascal Braeckman, his two passions – bikes and people – in the ‘thank you Pascal. Each week, he takes it in his side-car the sign of a mental or physical disability, which he admired, to get together and have a nice day to have fun.

Everyone’s famous: from september 2nd, every day at 19.40 hours on a Single.