#LikeMe is offered for a scoop.

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For boys and girls, #LikeMe, it will be the Sunday we had a stressful day. It is not only because of the group’s three times and been nominated at the Radio 2 summer Hit, but also because they are two hours prior to the start of the tv show to the stage for a great performance. The organizers of the Worstenfeesten in Vlimmeren had a #LikeMe months ago and have been booked for their anniversary edition, and when it was not yet known #LikeMe hotel as expected. In the contract of the just about all of the artists, a performance may be cancelled for a tv appearance, however, was #LikeMe out in Vlimmeren is to occur. Many of the young fans out in the cold was not an option, and so there had to be a solution-and found one. On Sunday, the group will be using two helicopters and van Vlimmeren, to Blankenberge, belgium to be put, and that is the only way you can be sure of that, #LikeMe, in a timely manner, the stage will be placed in order of their number, and who knows, to make one or more awards to receive.