Andy Peelman feels like something truly rotten

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This week, Andy Peelman, along with his wife and daughter on the cover of this. Inside, the magazine talks to the actor and o’s.a. “The Buurtpolitie that it is and that it is at home, and now he was only a father now. Fortunately, he was in the labor and live with it, even though it doesn’t have that many close. Four days before the birth, came in and Andy come home from filming in a foreign country and this was his greatest fear, happiness does not matter. With the arrival of a little daughter Feline, miss, Andy Peelman, then again, it’s because he’s at work. That he was a woman, Tine could not help, he can be annoying. In addition, the fact that overnight, all in New her father arrives, he finds the rot. Andy should be at 6 o’clock in the out of doors.