The Opposites are coming to Pukkelpop

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In 2014 opted to Willem and Big2 from the razendpopulaire Dutch rapduo The Opposites to their own solo projects, and five years later, it seems that the time has come to be, even though it is for the time being tweemalig the show has been on the production of apple Juice in the Netherlands), and the fans will once again have to bring a Sandwich Bakpao, Sleepless Nights, Thunder and Light. In 2013, it is also, quite literally, because after the overwhelming passage of the Dance Hall, everyone had to blink his or her eyes. Five years later, they played again in the Dance Hall, on the former spot of the Year, Eilish. Eilish moved, as is well known, to the stage, the way lies open to another special highlight in the career of The Opposites.

Although, Big2, and William, from their album Sleepless Nights of the 2014 individual from the other award have been released, and this is the first and for the time being the only time they come together as The Opposites to the stage, to return.
“The best decisions are made from intuition. It feels great to get after a couple of years back, to do what we do best, with everything from the add to pull.”, let the duo know.

The Opposites
On Sunday the 18th of August, 21.40 – 22.40 u
Dance Hall