Lesley-Ann Poppe is the victim of fraud

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Not a few of the well-known Flemish people seem to avoid posts that are tend to be scams. If you are on Facebook is now an ad for Philippe Geubels, Marc Coucke, Helmut Lotti, Gert Verhulst, or Lesley-Ann Poppe shows, think twice before you respond to them. Well, Lesley-Ann Poppe has been a victim of a scam, she warned her followers that they certainly do not all have to believe what people say about her to appear. “In the past week, I received a lot of messages regarding the use of garcinia gambodja” (or something like that), in order to lose weight. I do not understand why I was on this activity, since I have never had this product, have heard,” says the blonde from the ground. Lesley-Ann Poppe has been mostly on Instagram, active, Facebook, see her less frequently, but have recently decided that they’ll have to take a look to her Facebook page. At first glance, everything is in working order. “Until I came across it on FB,” said Lesley-Ann. There are circulating messages about the woman. Titles such as “Sebiet I can honor her modelling career to do’, ‘Poppe, denies buikverkleining” and “After all the criticism, all I had to do something!” appear to be continually on Facebook. Lesley-Ann is sure of her part. ”This is a total lie and I would never want to promote a vermageringsproduct, the performance of which is -to put it mildly – doubtful,” adds Lesley-Ann Poppe continued. “Several companies have made to me will be contacted in order to advertise their weight-loss products, but I’ve never seen any of the about it” said Lesley-Ann is self-confident. In the posts that Lesley-Ann Poppe, recently received, it appears that the con artists are effectively the victims have been made. “It’s perfect for all the ladies -and men – who have been caught and sold to”, you hear the sound of it. Last but not least, Lesley-Ann Poppe’s another free tip for everyone. “The only way to lose weight is to consume less calories in than you expend by eating good foods. A “wonderplantje” by the weight there is, unfortunately, not yet,” laughs Lesley-Ann. And yes, of course, is the tip of Lesley-Ann’s work to be effective, it is tighter than it ever had before.