Also, Olga Leyers, in the ‘Beat the VTM’

86e791c6ed308ce390ac984808bfeff7 - Also, Olga Leyers, in the 'Beat the VTM'

Not only is the agenda of the Kürt Rogiers, this will fall to just slightly fuller than the other. Also, Olga Leyers her little amount of free time to train to Beat the VTM. Along with Kürt and 6 other co-workers will Each be challenged by the 8 unknown Flemish people who appeared in the 100 days to a whole new discipline to learn. Each and Kürt fill out the VTM team, in addition to Koen Wauters Nathalie Meskens, and Guga Baúl. 3 of the other VTM’s faces that are in the list, to complete, to be later announced.

Kürt and Olga made their attendance today, for the first time announced on the radio. Kürt was the ochtendshow at Joe, who, while on maternity leave from Anke Buckinx, along with Sven Ornelis and presented. This afternoon I pulled on Each, with the big news in the direction of the Q-Beach House in Ostend, where they were joined by dj Jolien Roets presented. With Each pavilion will get a serious dose of young energy added to the VTM team. That can also be useful for the kind of challenge that they will be entering?